There are 4 roles CLANED users may have or be assigned. Different privileges are assigned to different roles.

  • Organization admin = Can add new groups, invite new learners to groups and to use Claned, can edit all boards shared to all groups, can add or remove members from the organization

  • Board admin = Can edit/add content/remove the board where he/she is an admin and share it to the groups where the board admin belongs to

  • Teacher = Can share a board made by him/her to the group where he/she belongs to

  • Learner = Can access the boards shared in the organization or in the group or groups he/she is a member of.

On boards where it has been enabled by the boards admin, users can add content, to some modules on such modules this is indicated on the right side with the sharing icon and "sharing allowed" text

Additionally, any user can create their own boards and share them either publically or with specific users, this can be a great way to collaborate on assignments.