There are a number of possible solutions and steps to take if you are experiencing difficulties accessing CLANED. First double check your login info and be sure there are no mistakes or typos in you login information or password. If you used O365 or Google account to login when you set up your account, you must continue to use that as a login method.

Error messages when logging in? 

If an error message is being displayed when you attempt to login try taking these steps before attempting to login again. Go to your browsers history menu and select "show full history" this should open up a window showing your browsing history, on the left side should be an option "clear browsing data" click this to be directed to the options. From here make sure you have selected the "cache", and "cookies" options and then click clear data. Open a new window and attempt to log into CLANED again. Additionally you can try doing this in an incognito window to ensure no interference from 3rd party cookies.

Forgot your password?

For Personal Claned accounts you can request a new password from Claned login page, insert your email and click "Next", click "forgot your email".

If you are using Google or O365 login options, you need to change your password in corresponding services.

Check your spam folder for verification code.